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GMP+ FSA is based on ISO quality management requirements with the integration of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan (HACCP).
The GMP+ certification scheme defines conditions relating to production facilities as well as for storage, transport, trade and monitoring activities. This approach guarantees control throughout the whole feed chain to produce to the highest standards.


Types of GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) Certification – B Standards:

• GMP+ B1 Production, Trade and Services (version 01.07.2018)
• GMP+ B1.2 Production, Trade & Services – Additional requirements for ISO22000:2005/PAS222:2011 (version 01.07.2018)
• GMP+ B2 Production of Feed Ingredients (version 01.07.2018)
• GMP+ B3 Trade, Collection and Storage & Trans-shipment (version 01.07.2018)
• GMP+ B3.2 Trade to Livestock Farms (version 01.07.2018)
• GMP+ B4 Transport (version 01.07.2018)


Benefits of GMP+

• Identify the essential principles of food hygiene that apply throughout the food chain (including primary production through to the final consumer), to ensure that food is safe and suitable for human consumption.
• Provide guidance on specific codes for sectors of the food chain, processes or commodities in order to boost the hygiene requirements in those sectors.
• Recommend a HACCP-based approach as a means to enhance food safety.
• Point out how to implement those principles.

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